First COVID-19 video blog by Josh Folgado

Hi, I’m Josh the creator of this blog, based in Lisbon, Portugal but I am not from here.

I’m an enterprise architect by profession, not a coder but can write in quite a few languages.

What is happening worldwide is truly historical. Never in the history of mankind that the world needed to stop all activities, combined with social isolation for many.

Being alone at home and a geek, would be wasteful to just look at the walls, gave it some thought to use those IT skillsets to benefit and help others, focus to save life’s.

So a few days ago I setup a Linux server on the Amazon (AWS) Cloud, configured and tested that all was working. To achieve that in such a short space of time been working daily from around 7am to about 4:30am.

Why this COVID-19 Blog?

We are all being truly flooded with hundreds/thousands of messages/links, challenge is to find the “useful” COVID-19 information burried under these dozens/hundreds of messages.

What the focus of this coronavirus blog?

Some ideas below:

  • Share useful links
  • Share news/magazines
  • Share games
  • Share our own blogs (could be text/voice/video blogs)
  • Share solutions to problems we didnt need to think about before
  • …etc…

About having and sharing our own blogs, we cant underestimate how important this is. We are all confined to this prison, the more we see how others handle this, the more we ourselves will feel reinforced and supported.

What languages does it support:

The blog’s main language is English, but anyone can add their own blogs in whatever language.

Additionally there are already other contributors to the Blog, Ingo (German) will place and manage all German entries, Paola for Spanish blogs (from Spain), Catarina for Portuguese, English, French, and a few others that I will introduce soon.

Btw if you dont know how to do anything I shared above, no stress, get in touch with me, I will help and train you… and again no worries, I’ve created this blog and all its funcionality to be simple and for anyone’s use.

I shared the idea of this blog if to do what we can to share important information, and hopefully save lifes.

I will blog daily in both English (mother toungue) and Portuguese.

Anyone that wants to also share their days are very welcome.

Who can be a contributor, also provide links and/or information that can help other human-beings?

Anyone, we are all equal.

We need to learn to love again

Our world in truth was becoming lost, anything went, we were free to do whatever we deemed that we wanted to do, and if anyone spoke against or asked question, was automatically labelled old-fashion, out of date. Everything was easy, and I mean anything.

The result of this is the lack of love, we stopped thinking about others, we were No. 1, and as long as one made as much money as possible, everyone else looked up at that person. Sadly not because of the quality of this person but had money, must know what to do…

How wrong were we, really… it had no meaning…

And we stopped loving… even in most relationships/marriages friendship hardly exists and after a while we get a new partner/lover/etc, it was just too easy…

Let show our love by helping others in more than messages on WhatsApp, FB, etc…

Thank all, God Bless

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