New LinkedIn Data: Coronavirus Drives Demand for These Jobs 2020

The coronavirus is rapidly reshaping the talent marketplace. And while the long-term forecast is still uncertain, LinkedIn data reveals dramatic changes in demand for certain roles and industries.
Perhaps unsurprisingly, the biggest increase in demand is for roles that are considered essential, including jobs within healthcare and other organizations that are supporting the country through this pandemic.

Top 10 most in-demand jobs in the U.S. 

  1. Store Associate
  2. System Operator
  3. Certified Public Accountant
  4. Healthcare Specialist
  5. Construction Worker
  6. Warehouse Manager
  7. Psychologist
  8. Vehicle Mechanic
  9. Academic Advisor
  10. Delivery Driver

Similarly, the organizations with the most job openings right now run the gamut from grocery and convenience stores to healthcare companies and the National Guard. More broadly, industries like public safety, management consulting, and government relations are all staffing up.

Companies with the most open jobs in the U.S. 

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. Army National Guard
  3. KPMG
  4. Amazon
  5. Genentech
  6. Lowe’s
  7. HCA Healthcare
  8. Intuit
  9. Nepris 
  10. Whole Foods

By sharing these insights into today’s marketplace, we hope to keep you informed and help you understand a rapidly changing hiring landscape.

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Hiring Methodology

The LinkedIn Hiring Rate (LHR) is the percentage of LinkedIn members who added a new employer to their profile in the same month the new job began, divided by the total number of LinkedIn members in that country. By only analyzing the timeliest data, we can make month-to-month comparisons and account for any potential lags in members updating their profiles. A 7-day rolling sum of hires is matched with the same day of week last year to control for day of week effects in hiring data and the year-over-year percentage change of hiring rates is calculated.

In-Demand Jobs Methodology

Data limited to “Premium” jobs on LinkedIn for the US. This analysis was performed looking at March 15 – 21, 2020 compared to March 8 – 14 to understand week-over-week changes. To calculate demand, we compared week-over-week change in volume of job postings on LinkedIn.

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