On this page we share anyone’s EFFORT  that has contributed to a larger extend to our COVID-19 coronavirus blog.

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Thanks to all of you for your contributions and time spent!

Working to save lives!

Possible Contribution(s):

  • Administrator
  • Contributors
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Film, image and voice professionals
  • Social media experts
  • Sponsors
  • …etc…

None will be greater or deserve more praise, all our efforts are equal in our love to help others and save lives!

Fernando Beja

Film  Director, Professional Image Editor, Theater Management

Below Fernando’s contribution:

  • Creating the logo for our blog

Josh Folgado approached Fernando about the creation of our own logo, shared the focus of our COVID-19 coronavirus blog, explained project has no funding, Fernando did not hesitate to offer to be part of the team, build us a logo we can all identify with.

We are going through multiple changes to come up with the final design, target for it to be as simple and effective as possible and say everything of our love of wanting to help others, save lives!

Fernando will also be our main video editing specialist and the main photo editing. Josh Folgado will do the main photo editing stuff, for the more complex work Fernando will gladly handle it.

Thanks Fernando Beja!

Below Marie James contribution:

  • Part of the administrator’s group
  • Contributor
  • Business and data analyst
  • Final proofreader and approver
  • Quality control

Marie James contacted Josh Folgado Josh via LinkedIn, had worked together on projects in the past, offered to be part of the team, was best news ever!

Marie brings a lot of experience into the team, highly focused on delivering the right message, at the right time, being the bridge between the business and IT.

Additionally Marie will be a contributor, sharing what it is like in the part of the USA where she resides, we all look forward to her blog entries.

Welcome  Marie James!

Marie James

Project Manager, Business Analyst, Data Analyst & QA Analyst

Josh Folgado

Enterprise and Data Architect

Below Josh’s contribution:

  • Original blog creator
  • Administrator
  • Contributor
  • Senior developer
  • DBA
  • etc…

We as human beings are living through an historic time, never since we left the” caves”, has the world stopped. We’ve gone through countless conflicts, wars, natural disasters, lies, totally corrupt political and financial systems, we thought the worst was over.

We may have over a billion other human beings quarantined around the world, rich and poor, all living through this social isolation for which none of us were ever prepared for.

I may be at home, but I am also a geek, Wanted to focus my expertise, experience and drive to help others in whatever way that I could. This blog was the best way I could think of.

Thank you all for your support! Help us save lives!