Join us as a volunteer

How can you be a volunteer and help others?

  • Easy
    Apply, there are countless people that will need your/our help
What can you volunteer with?

Some ideas, you may have better ones:

  • You’re a fitness or gym trainer, what about offering free online classes?
  • You’re a food expert and can advise what we need in our homes, and what is an extra that could instead someone else
  • You’re a psychologist
  • You’re a social worker
  • …or you have other better ideas on how to help

Another idea could be to create your own daily video blog, where you share how you are handling this social isolation. And maybe you dont want a video blog, then use photos…

We need to keep in mind we are all humans, we may think we are not important, but its crucial we dont loose the “human” touch, others will want to know how we are handling it, in a way we will all feel more connected.

One thing is certain. We are sitting at an historical time, we can make a difference.

PS. If yo’re not sure how to provide your selected volunteer services get in touch, we’ll guide you through it.

List of Volunteers is available here or through the top menus of this blog.

Please complete the form below, share how you can as a Volunteer help in our common target to help others, focus to save lives in whatever way that we can: